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Being an award-winning machine learning company in India, we provide advanced machine learning solutions at 60% less cost. We have India's best machine learning and artificial intelligence development team that helps businesses think, predict & act smartly in this digital era.

Our machine learning development company works on advanced frameworks like Apache Singa, Amazon ML, Azure ML Studio, Caffe, H2O, MLlib (Spark), etc., to ensure you get the best solutions.

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    Projects Launched
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    Years Experience
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Helping Businesses Since 2004

We help companies drive business results, build breakthrough outcomes, and increase operational performance with exceptional Machine Learning Development. You can opt for Machine Learning as a service from us and multiply your business revenue.

  • Reduce Cost Upto 50%


    You can save up to 50% of the Cost of hiring in-house resources.

  • Finding Top IT Talents


    Get the possibility to work with the top 1% of machine learning consultants.

  • Enhanced Productivity


    Our machine learning development experts deliver advanced solutions that boost your efficiency.

  • Fill Gap in Your Skill Sets


    We are among one of the best machine learning companies with a high potential team having expertise in diverse technologies.

  • Quicker Time-to-Market


    Get perfect QA strategy, best-fit resources, & project management guidance.

  • Future-proof Solutions


    Get future-ready ML solutions created by using the most modern tools & technologies.

  • 90% Accurate Analysis


    Our experts do the proper analysis to assess your business performance and discover loopholes.

  • Innovation & Compete


    Get innovation & strategic solutions on your project provided by our R&D team.

  • Ensure Operation Agility


    Create a comprehensive solution with innovative technologies like cloud, AI, RPA, etc.

See What Our Customers are Saying...

We sign strict non-disclosure agreements & IPR with our esteemed clients. However, some clients came forward to appreciate our hard work by providing video and textual testimonials for our work. Here are a few testimonials sent by some of our esteemed clients from across the globe:

We were very afraid that there is no agency that will deliver the quality that we were looking for. Pixelcrayons turned out to be a very good solution. Since day one, we were engaging in the product development. At the begining, I thought it's gonna be a very hard road...

Mr. Nilo Quiroz, Wyzchef

PixelCrayon’s management has been very knowledgeable & flexible with assigning right resources. The developers are skilled, focussed, and professional who have delivered their thoughts on time. Definitely would recommend PixelCrayons and would use them again...

Philip Hamichi, Eurowise

Hi, My Name is Nikhil and I run a website called www.proadviser.com.au and it is essentially an online market place where clients can get quotes from, financially advices, accountant lawyer... I don't really have any issues while working with financially advices, accountant lawyer...

Nikhil, Proadviser

Celler Angels has been using PixelCrayons for about six or seven months and as a virtual company it's extremely important to have deadline met, content delivered, promises kept. Everything that PixelCrayons has delivered so far has been top notch...

Martin Celler, Celler Angels

Hello, I am Bas Buys owner of 'Enter Baby Allant'. I worked on a project with PixelCrayons team India. I am very pleased about corporation. They did a very good job, and delivered exactly what needs to be done and communication is very effective and pleasant...

Bas Buys, Enter Baby Allant

Get Market-driven Machine Learning Services

Counted among top machine learning companies in India, we provide next-gen machine learning services and solutionsthat help your business reach a new height so that you can keep ahead of the competition.

  • Cognitive Insight

    Our Machine Learning experts speedily understand and translate the unstructured data deploying advanced machine learning and AI software development solutions. With machine learning solutions, we unravel patterns and trends to interpret clients’ demands and market requirements.

  • Cognitive Engagement

    Being one of the top Machine learning consulting companies, we address the customers’ incoming requests and questions about stock availability and product options, tech support, billing and account interactions, and escalating to human operators if necessary.

  • Cognitive Automation

    We provide machine learning solutions to help in automating business processes on different stages, from complex trade-offs to crucial decision-making on daily operations, such as form filling and e-mail sending.

  • Data Mining

    With improved statistical and mathematical techniques, we develop algorithms that smoothly analyze plenty of raw data sources to uncover meaningful patterns and correlations and also back the decisions of enterprises, start-ups, or big businesses.

  • Natural Language Processing

    The experts at our machine learning development company deliver advanced solutions that derive semantic information—entities, keywords, relations, concepts, and emotions—from human speech & language on social media and web apps.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    Our machine learning development team creates useful bots that perform routine rules-based tasks through an interactive user interface, mimicking human interaction with advanced software applications and enabling you to focus on various high-level tasks.

Ready to Get Started?

Stay ahead of the competition with our professional, tailor-made & enterprise-grade AI & machine learning services and solutions. We provide you with the right talent with the right skills for the right business. Our machine learning development team has expertise with modern AI technologies to address the critical needs of global clients across industries. Do you have any queries related to machine learning services?

Machine Learning Languages

Whether it’s Python machine learning development, from scratch, or any other language in your existing system, our artificial intelligence and machine learning services, and solution anticipates the output of the technology and provide the best possible advice on how to grow more with minimum investments. We, being the best Machine Learning development companies, do not settle for less.


    Python has multicore architectures and data science libraries, including Pandas, Theano, TensorFlow, and Scikit-learn. Enterprises widely accept it for web applications on distributed servers with integrated machine learning engines.

  • R

    A friendly technology for graphics and statistical computing, R provides built-in packages that our machine learning development team uses to create customized machine learning algorithms, interactive plotting, and reporting tools, as well as to do exploratory work.

Model Development

Relying on any 3rd party Machine Learning Development models by platform service providers, PixelCrayons trains, builds, deploys, and validates tailored solutions that discover patterns & learn from historical data and examples. Our Indian dedicated developers also fine-tune and train custom machine learning models according to specific business needs.

  • 01


    Our machine learning firm in India enriches standard Python machine learning development models with custom data pre-processing scripts vectorizing data, removing co-relations and outliers. Uploading the prepared dataset, our team of machine learning & artificial intelligence developers configure the machine learning model in line with your objectives.

  • 02


    Our machine learning company runs training algorithms that find dependencies across disparate datasets, including unstructured and structured human-generated and system-provided data.

  • 03


    ML developers & programmers at PixelCrayons evaluate the results generated by the machine learning model and fine-tune the model parameters on a continuous basis until the results get fully acceptable.

  • 04


    The team at our machine learning company wraps the machine learning model source code into a separate container, publishing it to the required platform so that you can start inference on the new data.

What Can Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Do For You?

Machine learning development is the talk of the town these days. It provides a plethora of benefits to businesses. Here are some of the benefits of ML for different industry verticals:

Connectivity Between Devices

Improve sales forecasting

Interpret customer data

Predict customer needs

Efficient transactional sales

Sales communication

ML for Finance

Detecting fraud

Underwriting loan/insurance

Algorithmic trading

Portfolio management

Sentiment/new analysis

Customer service.

ML for Marketing

Personalize mail campaigns

Precisely meet the customer’s requirements

Offer customized offers to customers

Analyze previous buying patterns

ML for Human Resources

Track and assess applicants.

Attract relevant talent

Detect attrition

Individual skill management


Our machine learning company relies on 3rd-party pre-trained machine learning development services that provide image, video processing, speech recognition, gesture, text analytics, and semantic search, as well as bot functionality. Ready-to-use interactive canvas coupled with pre-configured components enables our machine learning firm to jumpstart custom regression and classification models development for your particular business vertical.

  • machine-learning-platforms

    Azure Machine Learning

    Azure Cognitive Services

    Language Understanding Intelligent Service

    Chatbot Framework


    Cloud Machine Learning Engine

    Cloud Vision API

    Cloud Natural Language

    Cloud Speech API DialogFlow


    Amazon Machine Learning

    Amazon Recognition Amazon Lex

    Amazon Polly

Our Process

We follow the agile machine learning development process in order to ensure timely and zero bug software delivery to our clients. Here is the complete process:

  • 1

    Define your project’s scope with our Industry Experts

  • 2

    Select candidates for the screening process

  • 3

    Take interview of selected candidates

  • 4

    Initiate project on-boarding & assign tasks

Engagement Models

Being a leading machine learning development company in India, we provide flexible engagement models to meet diverse or personalized business needs:

Case Studies

All our projects are covered under the Non-Disclosure Agreement; however, we have taken permission from some of our clients to showcase their projects so that you can get a better understanding of our work. Have a look at some case studies:

View All

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by our clients. If you need more information or have any other problems, feel free to contact us.

Why should I choose PixelCrayons for machine learning services?

When you choose PixelCrayons, you select a 17+ years old perfect blend of excellence in technologies and services. The award-winning and ISO-certified PixelCrayons give you the following reasons to choose them for your Machine Learning projects.
• Strict Non-disclosure agreement
• AI-driven task monitoring
• Data-driven insights
• In-depth requirement analysis
• Latest Machine Learning platforms
• Dedicated Development te
• 100% bug-free coding

What is the experience of your machine learning development team?

Our Machine Learning Development teams are experts in their work with hands-on experience of 5+ years in this field. These teams and their expertise helped us to complete 1000+ Machine Learning projects.

What is the list of your clients?

Our glorious testimonial includes renowned companies like Morphy Richards, Warner Bros., John Deere, Austin Reed, HP, Adobe, and Vodafone. PixelCrayons has also delivered more than 11500 successful projects and 4800+ customers globally in the last 17 years.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept of having machines “think like humans” — in other words, performing tasks like reasoning, planning, learning, and understanding language. While no one is expecting equality with human intelligence today or shortly, AI has a great application in our day-to-day lives. The brain behind artificial intelligence is machine learning, designed to make our jobs more accessible and more productive.

What is machine learning? What are some examples?

Machine learning is the core driver of AI. It’s the concept of having computers learn from data with minimal programming. Machine learning works with structured data to detect patterns that provide insight. Everyday examples are personalized recommendations from services like Amazon or Netflix. Machine learning predicts bad loans, finds risky applicants and generates credit scores in the financial arena.

What is natural language processing (NLP)?

NLP is an artificial intelligence that recognizes language and its many usage and grammar rules by finding patterns within large datasets. One application of NLP that’s gaining traction is sentiment analysis within social media. Computers use algorithms to look for patterns in user posts across Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks to understand how customers feel about a specific brand or product.

Which is the best programming language for machine learning?

Python programming language is the most preferred Machine Learning development language at present.

What are the types of machine learning algorithms?

Following are the types of machine learning algorithms
1. Supervised algorithms
They are a set of algorithms that gain knowledge from labeled data. Algorithms typically rely on supervisors to learn from classification, regression, segmentation, and detection data.
2. Non-supervised algorithms
They are a set of algorithms that learn from data without the help of classes or labels. These algorithms don’t need any supervisors for learning and attempt to represent the same data in various forms.
3. Semi-supervised algorithms
Algorithms that use both non-labeled and labeled data are semi-supervised algorithms. The majority of the data used under this are not labeled except some. Also, this algorithm tries to identify anomalies in data like anomaly detection.
4. Reinforcement learning algorithms
They are algorithms that learn actions to take on the requisite scenario that augments overall rewards.

What is automated machine learning?

Automated machine learning is a technique of automating the complete machine learning process from scratch. It does not need data science knowledge or any programming ability. It is effortless to deploy to classic business problems, including forecasting and personalization, with just an easy point-and-click user interface.
Automated machine learning performs complex and underlying processing, such as
1. Feature extraction
2. Feature selection
3. Data preparation
4. Algorithm selection
5. Cross-validation
6. Hyperparameter optimization
7. Leakage detection

Are artificial intelligence and machine learning the same?

Artificial intelligence describes efforts to permit computers to perform tasks, including speech recognition, visions, and global achievement that gives a human intelligence touch.
On the other side, machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that lets computers solve problems that are not explicitly programmed via learning and iteration.

Are machine learning and deep learning the same?

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that lets computers solve problems not explicitly programmed via learning and iteration.
On the other hand, deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that deploys hierarchical layers of artificial neural networks that result better on large, complicated data than the simple neural network.

What are the four steps for the machine learning development process?

Machine learning is a process that evolves from data analysis. The process involves identifying what you want to do, collecting data, and then implementing it into the algorithm or model, which will make decisions for your product automatically. It also helps develop machine-made models by using training sets that are already out there in the industry. Here are the four steps for machine learning development services:
Task identification: The first step is to identify whether you need a machine learning algorithm or not. It could be based on various factors such as your budget, data availability, and the appropriateness of your target market for that particular model. This will also help you in creating an action plan on how you will be implementing the model. This is a crucial step because it could save you from spending resources on something that does not need to be done or doesn't have any purpose at all.
Data Collection: Now that you know what kind of machine learning algorithm you want, it's time to collect data. But this will not be enough if you don't have the right data set. Collecting the data will depend upon your model type, whether it is a supervised or unsupervised learning algorithm and how much volume of information you need. Collecting a more significant amount of data will provide that algorithm with more information to work well with, but it will also take time which could be longer.
Processing of Data: Machine learning development services use the data sets you have collected and process them to produce more information that will help to design your model. They could do this by making minor alterations in your algorithm or implementing something new entirely depending on what you want from it.
Implementation: The fourth step is basically to implement the model or algorithm in your product. This could be a website, software program, etc., where you would like it to run. It could also entail setting up testing protocols for that particular application, so you know for sure if it is working or not.

Do data science skills have any use in machine learning?

Data science skills may prove to be relevant for many machine learning projects, but not for all. It is a variety of machine learning that does not need coding and primarily depends less on data scientists.
Automated machine learning users who are data-savvy and have access to the requisite data sets can end up generating good results even without using any data science training.
Automated machine learning users are data-savvy and have access to several data sets that can produce good results without any help. Data scientists may benefit from automated machine learning and obtain fast test results.